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Goldsea & Sands(“GSS”) is a boutique law firm with comprehensive practical experience in business, corporate, commercial and immigration sector. Our focus is to provide customised and flexible legal service to achieve the best interest of our clients. The new competition and technologies on global development drive the pace of change faster than ever before. GSS prepared to lead and adapt the constantly changing world. The curiosity to the world, candour to our client, practical savvy have been equipped GSS of providing tailored service to each client.

We are all global citizens. GSS delivery the right talent to every client’s issue, regardless of where they are. GSS is revolved with its commitment of “Give, Support, Sustainability” and providing diverse legal solutions to its client.

Corporate Law

Our office...

Our office is located at CBD of Sydney Australia, with work-stations in Central Coast to accommodating today’s flexible life-style, Goldsea & Sands is well integrated into digital world, and able to provide work remotely with flexible venues for meetings and appointment. As member of law society, we affiliated professionals who are the best in their fields to provide most excellent solutions to the clients. We also liaison with multiple businesses across the world.

Business Law

Business law sometimes is interchangeable to Commercial law or corporate law. It focuses on the laws that govern comm. . .

Corporate Law

The goal of Goldsea & Sands in practicing Corporate Law is to ensure the legality of commercial transactions, ad. . .

Commercial law

Goldsea & Sands provides services in commercial sectors, including commercial sale and purchase, contracts and agre. . .


The globalization brings all people into one place, and our daily life is involved into one world. Goldsea & Sa. . .


The movement of people is common in today’s life. To breaking barrier of your movement into Australia. . .

Litigation & mediation

At Goldsea & Sands, we provide litigation and mediation legal services to civil litigation, which often refer to . . .

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