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At Goldsea & Sands, we provide litigation and assist mediation legal services to civil litigation, which often refer to as commercial dispute. It encompasses a wide area of law including breaches of contract, employment disputes, debt collection, shareholder disputes and disagreements about neighbourhood fences among other issues. We also take limited criminal litigation matters. Being involved in litigious proceedings can be stressful, uncertain and costly. A right lawyer will make this process as smooth as possible, whilst also strive for an outcome that is in your best interests. Goldsea & Sands will represent, protect and assert your interests in a dispute with our best effort or host a meditation with best resolution without court proceedings.

What Clients Are Saying

“I and many of my friends are long standing clients with the principal lawyer of Goldsea & Sands for more than 4 years. She thinks and stands on our side working together with us on every matter. Truly is the partnership of working with her. She is the best lawyer we ever had.”

“The team of Goldsea & Sands provides outstanding services. Beyond their amazing services, the principal lawyer has been always providing added-on value to our matters. Goldsea & Sands is really part of our community.”


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