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We are committed of delivering an exceptional experience to our clients. Our people are experts of law and progressive thinkers, in tune with economic, political, market conditions and legal status of your business.

business law

Business law sometimes is interchangeable to Commercial law or corporate law. It focuses on the laws that govern commerce, trade, sales and merchandising, as well as the businesses and individuals who participate in those activities. At Goldsea & Sands, our principal lawyer has extensive practical experience in business operations, which equipped our firm providing you a customized legal service in operating your business in a real world.

corporate law

The goal of Goldsea & Sands in practicing Corporate Law is to ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers. Which involves in aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and the laws specific to the business of the corporations. In recent years, the corporate’s confidentiality has become a big challenge in the legal industry. At Goldsea & Sands, we ensure all corporate clients who seek legal advice from us that the confidentiality of yours will be well kept.

commercial law

Goldsea & Sands provides services in commercial sectors, including commercial sale and purchase, contracts and agreements. We cover all areas of commercial transactions from partnership, JV, franchise, License and distributions to wholesale, service, contractor and production outsourcing, non-compete clause, exclusive agreement, etc.


The globalization brings all people into one place, and our daily life is involved into one world. Goldsea & Sands provides services to people who move their life and investment worldwide. As to our capacity and networks in Australia, China and US, we are able to catering business who have interest in investing into those countries, and to provide legal supports in the area.


The movement of people is common in today’s life. To breaking barrier of your movement into Australia, Goldsea & Sands is committed providing you flexible services to accommodating your immigration needs and un- strain your movement in between your own country to Australia. We provide not only visa services but entire immigration law services to merit review in tribunal and judicial review in Federal Court.

litigation & mediation

At Goldsea & Sands, we provide litigation and mediation legal services to civil litigation, which often refer to as commercial dispute. It encompasses a wide area of law including breaches of contract, employment disputes, debt collection, shareholder disputes and disagreements about neighbourhood fences among other issues. We also take limited criminal litigation matters. Being involved in litigious proceedings can be stressful, uncertain and costly. A right lawyer will make this process as smooth as possible, whilst also strive for an outcome that is in your best interests. Goldsea & Sands will represent, protect and assert your interests in a dispute with our best effort or host a meditation with best resolution without court proceedings.


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